MaydayMayday Hy is down!

First of all , i would like to thank ryoma(lich) , ownage(naix) , Chicken(Sven) , Limpeh(Cm) for being such a good partner on the previous game matching hyhy. To be honest, Hyhy's tiny is pro but i think he messed up with his draft. Well, i think its enuf now, see you again in this blog on a new article! thanks for your support :D

Another botak is down by Lucifer! :D

Glory Glory Luci!, With Fjj's Pugna theres nothing much u can say, call it a GGWP.Not to forget, Hyhy,,Zero.Hour_Xfn and Iodine, special thanks to you guys! :D, below is some desserts for your eyes.

Jeff Hardy fall down ! (Zrc._.Jeff.Hy)

Well uhm, we're not showing that we're most pro, but it'll be an honour for u guys to view this screenshots. Kay, this game totally sick !, with Our Tormented Soul (TMS) [MID] losing the lane,  Luna [Top] Losing and 
we're depending on  Puck [Bot] against Syllabear. With genius thinking, Lov3z did many successfull gank and lock (ulti). For Vigoss, he's the best war style hero ever, since TMS use his 3rd+ulti while luna using his ulti and not forgotten Puck with his coil+silence+orb = GG. To all Luci's supporters dont stop supporting us! thanks! :D

Another Day Another pugna, Said Fjj.

Today is another glory!, With fjj's pugna, Vig's Sniper and mates took down the scourge down to the earth! (take that nerds. xD!).We are having lots of fun during this game, except for vig he's abit sad T.T and i manage to cheer him up, give him some love! (LOL). And below is our victorious vision, check it out (Y)

Lucifers (Y)

OUR NEW ROSTERS! (Ahmm, not rooster as in male chicken rofl. dotdotdot . . .)



Lucifer's New roster arrival ! :DD

(Umph, where to start? LOL XD) , Lucifer welcomed our new roster who is well known as FlameXRose and now changing into Lucifer.Rose.Yesterday was history, today is a new borned day, hope tomorrow luck still will be with us.Lucifer.Rose, is known as most stable Supporter in Lucifer's team and he joined us to help us achieved our goal that is be the best of the best. 

Thanks to Lucifer.Rose, Lucifer.FjjFjj

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